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2024 Tech/Inspect Road-E-O

It's that time of year again to register for the 2024 SCAPT Tech/Inspect Rodeo Competition, which will be held on June 5 at the Richland/Lexington 5 CATE Center!

In addition to the skilled competitions, there will be informative training sessions from some of the most respected service representatives in the industry.



Prep for Real World Challenges

The competition will consist of two parts: Inspector and Technician. To compete as an Inspector, you must possess a valid SCDE School Bus Inspector's certification. This catogory requires a thorough understanding of the proper inspection procedures for school buses and their associated components. Participants will be able to showcase their skills in a variety of simulated inspection scenarios designed to test their knowledge as an industry-leading school bus inspector. In addition to the Inspector portion of the competition, there will also be a technician portion, which will test participants' ability to diagnose and repair various issues commonly encountered in school buses. The Technician portion will require participants to demonstrate their knowledge of the mechanical and electrical systems used in these vehicles, as well as their ability to use diagnostic tools and equipment to identify and resolve issues.

Cash Prizes & Recognition

The South Carolina Association for Pupil Transportation (SCAPT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe and efficient transportation for students.


Every year, SCAPT holds a competition for Inspectors and Technicians to recognize their outstanding work in maintaining and servicing the state's school buses.


The competition is open to district, state, and contractor technicians and are judged based on their knowledge, skill, and attention to detail.


SCAPT values the hard work of all participants, but it especially recognizes the hard work of the top performers. The association awards the top three performers in each category with a check. For the Inspector category, the 1st place winner receives $1000, the 2nd place winner receives $500, and the 3rd place winner receives $250. For the Technician category, the 1st place winner receives $1000, the 2nd place winner receives $500, and the 3rd place winner receives $250. These prizes not only recognize the winners' accomplishments, but also provide an incentive for other members to continue to strive for excellence in their work.

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