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Membership Benefits

Five Key Reasons to Join SCAPT

  1. Our members are the most important asset we have and every member is important to SCAPT.

  2. By becoming a member of SCAPT you add strength to the membership numbers for promoting our mission of improving wages, improving job benefits and maintaining job security.

  3. SCAPT is a unified voice to the Legislature where we have developed relationships with elected officials in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  4. By becoming a member of SCAPT you can have an active and important opportunity to become involved in working with elected officials at district, local and state levels on issues effecting your job.

  5. Our members have opportunities for Professional Development by highly qualified instructors who understand student transportation issues.

Join Today.

SCAPT is made up of five divisions.  Joining is fast, easy and affordable. Division 1 = $25. All other Divisions = $10. Simply determine your Division below and click Apply. 

  1. Division 1 - SDE Senior Management and District Directors.

  2. Division 2 - SDE Area Supervisors, Shop Supervisors, Shop Foreman, Shop Clerks, State and District Technicians

  3. Division 3 - State and District Driver Trainers (Safety Officers).

  4. Division 4 - District Supervisors and Assistant Directors, Drivers and Monitors and Aides

  5. Division 5 -Special Needs and McKinney Vento Transportation

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