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Message from Past President Mike Bullman

I’d like to thank each of you for the opportunity to have served as your SCAPT president. It has truly been my honor and privilege. However, “Where did the time go?” During my term, I can honestly say that I always received tireless support and unwavering commitment from the board and membership alike. The many school bus drivers, technicians, supervisors, directors and administrators that make up the student transportation family are one that always rises to the occasion and puts the student first. For that, I’m truly blessed to have been a small part of.

Like so many of you, student transportation has, and is, my life’s work. Since first being given the opportunity to drive a school bus so many years ago, I’ve made it my mission to give back to the industry that has given so much to me, and to one that plays such an important part in the educational lives of almost 50% of South Carolina public school students. I’m proud to be a part of such a professional, dedicated and committed group of people that make up SCAPT.

I want to thank my predecessor, Teresa Taylor. While she had the unfortunate opportunity for having served as president during the COVID-19 pandemic, she still lead the association through it in a positive and meaningful manner, all along the way building the framework for some of the key changes that are currently in effect. These key changes will allow SCAPT to grow and provide an even greater service to the state’s student transportation group of stakeholders.

I’d also like to thank President Darryl Webb. His vision and direction are at the forefront of making SCAPT a key resource for its members and stakeholders. His guidance, leadership, and insight while serving as President-Elect helped to implement sweeping, associational changes that will allow SCAPT to provide an even greater number of training and leadership resources and opportunities in the coming years. I’m confident that with his leadership the sky’s the limit and that SCAPT will

be the student transportation association for others to follow. I look forward to working with Darryl and the entire SCAPT board over the next two years.

God bless and thank you again,



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